How Important of 3D Printing Firmware?

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What is firmware? What is its role?

This article will address questions about firmware, what role does the Ultimaker do and how we can update it.

Let’s have a look together.

What is firmware?

First of all, I must say that to be able to understand the difference between a firmware on an Ultimaker 2 and an Ultimaker 3, we need to first understand what it actually looks like.

Simply put, firmware is a computer code, or what we call a computer code, similar to Cura software, or here it can play the role of Windows, Android, Mircosoft Word, Chrome or iTunes as well.

To explain more clearly, firmware has a high level of expertise in computer code design for use with machines. In which the machine here refers to our 3D printer itself

Firmware is stored inside a 3D printer, or inside a special computer. By acting to control the motor Control screen display Control the brightness of the backlight Or even control the temperature of the hot-end nozzle. It’s easy to control all the manipulations within the printer while the printer is being printed. Without firmware, the Ultimaker 3D printer is no different from a stationary stone. One piece.

ซอฟต์แวร์ Cura VS. Firmware

At first glance, Cura software and firmware have very similar roles, but they are actually completely different.

Cura takes the data obtained from the user as a 3D model and then converts it into a 3D printer instruction set. On the other hand, firmware performs the opposite function. Anything that has previously come back to convert and then print it into a 3D model.

The sequence of steps for the process is as follows.

CAD → 3D model → Cura software → G Code → Transfer to printer → Firmware → Original product

Firmware in Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2 printers

The Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2 are similar in nature to their small size. (Small computers), so not to mention printing a piece at all. Because both of these machines can print almost the same thing, but the firmware of the Ultimaker 2 3D printer will be a much more improved version than the Ultimaker Original for better performance.

The printing power of the tiny computers inside the Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2 3D printers is actually not very fast. If compared, it is the same as the Gameboy in the early days, which may be a limitation. The interior of the tiny computer in the Ultimaker Orginal and Ultimaker 2 doesn’t have enough space for the most advanced features like Wi-Fi or for the next print job.

All of these are important to know. Which we can summarize separately into the following points

Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2 printers:

Cannot connect to all systems Can be connected only via USB Cable and SD.
Unable to upgrade or update the device to have additional usability.
There is no library to store any data inside the device.
Fairly limited with all applications

วิธีการอัปเดต Firmware เครื่อง Ultimaker Original และ Ultimaker 2

Due to its relatively limited ability to connect Plus the inability to keep any data locally And still unable to upgrade or update the machine itself, so the firmware update method must be a manual update system. By using a common cable with Cura software.

Firmware ในเครื่อง Ultimaker 3

The tiny computer inside the Ultimaker 3 is faster and stronger. Which if you compare the actual power of the device as much as the modern smartphones of the present day As a result, additional functionality via Wi-Fi, USB cable network, and camera can be performed differently from the Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2.

We can connect to the Internet through the Ultimaker 3 with firmware help that allows the use of advanced technology. The reason that the Ultimaker 3 firmware has enough storage space. Can store data from web interface, other work files, and other additional applications.

More details about the new features about the Ultimaker 3.

The first obvious benefit with firmware is the presence of a built-in bug alert system that allows developers to resolve issues faster. Which makes it easy to develop more advanced technologies

วิธีการอัปเดต Firmware เครื่อง Ultimaker 3


For the Ultimaker 3 the system has been greatly developed. Make firmware updates that can be updated by themselves without the need for Cura software.
The firmware can be downloaded automatically as soon as it is connected via the Internet. Alternatively, an offline firmware update or a manual update by installing via USB.