The First 3d Printer Farm Management in Southeast Asia


8 March 2017 Bangkok, Thailand – Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University set up Digital Prototyping Laboratory (AKU: Digital Prototyping Laboratory, DPL) launching 3D Printer Farm with cloud 3D printing service for the purpose of university education and research development expecting that this will boost up technological potential and support research study design in all angles, made it to be the First and the largest 3D Printer Farm in Southeast Asia.


“As Industry 4.0 is growing in the market, by which IoT is the heart for Computer-Integrated Manufacturing and Digital Modeling and Fabrication, it broadly spurs innovative development and industrial revolution”


“In order to adapt with this major challenge of technological change that soon arises, Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University, with a passion to thrive the potency of technology and innovative educational and industrial development decided to set up Digital Prototyping Laboratory launching 3D Printer Farm with the most updated cloud 3D Printer Management to enhance national competition potential to the best international leader under sustainability concept.” Dr. Siradech Surit said.


With visionary leadership capability to foresee the impact of technological changes, DPL will be the central assembly where creative solutions are generating for a long-lasting and sustainable society and environment. DPL will also assist with community services, industries, and general users.


In addition, within the DPL, there are other different essential 3D Printer types and technology provided e.g. high-accuracy laser cutter, CNC carving machine of electro-mechatronic operations, and fully-immersive virtual reality digital prototyping technology.
On behalf of Septillion Co., Ltd, a leading 3D Printers distributor specially advised 3D Printers with an open-source technology from Ultimaker of the Ultimaker 2+ edition that is capable for various printing formats to help users meet requirements along with cloud 3D Printer management or so-called 3DPrinterOS that helps manage a great number of lecturers, teachers, and students to 3D print more efficiently and effectively and even helps storing statistics data for any further reports that may require later.