XYZPrinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro

Pre Print

  1. Before using this printer, please first remove the fixed materials from the printing module and printing bed. Switching on the printer’s power without removing these fixed materials may damage the machine.

2. Before launching XYZware Pro, connect the PC to with printer using the USB cable. For a better user experience, it is strongly advised to follow the proper procedure for using the product.

3. Registration via XYZware Pro before your first print is strongly recommended. When registered with XYZprinting, you will receive latest technical supports and updates. To register, simply click “Register Now” to begin.

4. Before you start printing, please affix the bed tape on the print bed. The bed tape may be removed after printing is complete. (Bed tape can be reused.)

5. You may use XYZware Pro to initiate manual updates to the printer firmware and software. When using the printer for the first time, we recommend connecting to the Internet and performing manual update once to obtain the latest resources.

6. The optimal room temperature for printing is 15-32 ◦ C (60-90 ◦ F). Printing quality may be affected if room temperature is higher or lower.

7. If you need more detailed technical support and program resources, visit the website:

8. Before operating the printer, insert the SD card in the SD card port to make sure that the printing program is able to run properly.