Wonder Changes of Life by Block Printing and Mold Making Tricks


For Ultimaker users who are looking for an increment to top up your ideas for business, this is the right article page to be on. This article will take you to the three successful stories of a wonder change of life by using block printing and mold making tricks with Ultimaker printer.

Block Printing and Mold Making tricks 

3D printing patterns/or molds incredibly help you generate more income with low volume production. It helps you to not face the costs associated with traditional mold making while still giving you full freedom to design as your imagination takes you. How is that possible? Let’s see the three successful stories from different brands of food industry around the world.

Let’s firstly see the reason why we should choose to print with Ultimaker for molds and casting

  • You can shrink tool development from months to a matter of days
  • It’s easy to precisely customize and tweak every part at no extra cost
  • You’re able to create end-use parts of all shapes and sizes, whatever their complexity
  • It’s environmentally friendly using 90% of the raw material creating next to no waste at all

Now onto the first story, where comes from ParisFrance – The Babines Lollipop Shop. The shop creates modern lollipops in trendy pop culture shapes that no traditional confectionary would think of.

Its simply tricks or techniques are just: drawing lollipops, modeled and 3D printed from Ultimaker. The facebook ‘Like’ icon, video game controllers, dollar signs, and anything else that’s relevant today can become a lollipop. Using food-safe silicon a mold of the 3D print is created, which is then sent to an artisan confectioner in the Loire. This classically trained craftsman creates the sugar mix for each flavor lollipop and pours them by hand into the silicon molds. Watch the video below to have a clearer picture.

The Babines Lollipop shop was founded by Victor Barnouin, who had previously done work for several French lifestyle brands. Victor was inspired to create this concept of traditionally made, but custom-designed, lollipops.

To add more fun in it, if you have 3D scanners, yourself, this could be a fun thing to play with. Taking a similar idea, Sam Part and Ben Redford teamed up together with professional chocolatier Will Leigh to get their startup off the ground – Candy Mechanicsa london-based shop setting up a functional pop-up store inside British retail giant Selfridges, leaving an interesting questions,

“It seems to be a good time, the milennials and Facebook and Instagram, everyone’s taking selfies – so why not lick your own face?”

Watch the video to see Candy Mechanics’ idea and how they do

Comes to the last story that we can’t forget, MELT, an Amsterdam shop that is known for its fun and iconic icepopsFounders Eva Snellen and Leonie Smelt were inspired to start MELT when they heard of the 50th anniversary of the most iconic icepop design in the Netherlands, the ‘raketje’ (rocket).  Now they have internationally known clients such as Tony Chocolonely, TEDx, national museums and even Ultimaker!

These three companies have one thing in common, which is the using of Ultimaker 3D printer to 3D print to create food molds, to approach a market they could not before.

How powerful the ideas can generate! Apart from the fun you will get, you will also fantastically generate an income, and importantly, creativity!
I hope these successful stories from the 3 companies can help you top up your ideas too! For anybody who is interested to try this tricks of Block Printing and Mold Making, please stay tuned for the next tutorial/ how-to article.