Use Your 3D Printers to Create Custom T-Shirt Designs

Use Your 3D Printer to Create Custom T-Shirt Designs

While 3D printers have been used to create functioning tools, gadgets and art pieces, the platform is now being used to create custom graphic t-shirt designs. Prusa Research has detailed two methods of adding 3D-printed designs on tees, with one using a thin iron-on and the other printed directly onto the fabric. The iron-on employs a thin layer of PLA that can survive several washes before peeling, so it’s not ideal for those looking for a more permanent solution. The direct alternative, although more complicated, provides a more permanent result.

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Prusa details each technique on its project blog with easy-to-follow instructions, and both can be done with almost any 3D printer. For the iron-on version, users will need a sheet of parchment (or baking) paper, which is attached to the print bed via binder clips. A glue stick is then applied to make sure the print adheres to the paper, which can be one or two layers thick. Once the print is ready, users can then place the design print-side down using an iron set at max heat.

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