Ultimaker Firmware 4.3 Release Notes



Mouse accessibility.​ To give greater accessibility to users with physical disabilities, a USB mouse
device can be hotplugged into the Ultimaker 3 USB port, as an alternative interface to the Ultimaker
3 jog wheel. Moving the mouse in X/Y directions is equal to rotating the jog wheel, and a left mouse
click is equal to a jog wheel click.


Extended language support. ​Improved translations for English, Italian, French, Spanish, German,
Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Polish. Due to lack of
community support, Finnish has been removed.

Optimized JavaScript bundle.js.​ The size of the JavaScript bundle.js has been reduced to speed up
Cura Connect page loading time.

Material color and type. ​Jobs sliced for generic materials are printable on any grouped printer with a
matching material type, regardless of brand or color. This brings the behavior in line with Ultimaker

Manage outside jobs. ​Jobs started from USB, or reprints after an abort are now manageable from
the Cura Connect UI, giving the user more control.

Pause, resume and abort.​ Jobs can be paused, resumed or aborted from within the Cura Connect UI,
giving the user more control.

Custom confirm dialogs.​ Default JavaScript dialogs have been replaced with a new popup
component, which brings the language, look, and feel in line with Ultimaker Cura.

Mobile view.​ The mobile view has been optimized to show clearly on small screens.

Firmware version visible. ​The firmware version of each printer in a group is now visible on the
printer details page, offering a centralized overview for users rolling out firmware updates.


Updated tooltips.​ The tooltip content has been updated to fix spelling errors and clarify messages.

Prevent group ‘stealing’.​ New rules have been implemented to prevent problems caused by adding
hosts, or printers already in an existing group, to a new group.

Recursive printer groups.​ New rules have been implemented to prevent manually adding a printer
to a group that it is already in.

Edge browser IP address formatting.​ Fixed an issue where Edge browser formatted IP addresses as
phone numbers.

Sticky reservations.​ Fixed an issue where rescheduling jobs wouldn’t work after “move to top” or
“override configuration” operations.