Ultimaker 3 and Form 2 #1 and #2 Best 3D Printers in 2017

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This is the Milestone!

10 August 2017 – All3DP, Popular 3D printing website from Germany revealed Ultimaker 3 and Form 2 for the Best 3D Printers and Reviews in 2017. Surprisingly, Ultimaker 3 ranked number 1, followed up with Form 2 as number 2.

“This is the flagship of the Ultimaker empire, a refined machine that’s packed to the rafters with cutting edge technology. It’s got dual extrusion, swappable “cores” for quickly changing print heads, wireless connectivity, and much more besides..

..On the software side, the Cura slicing engine is optimized for use in tandem with the Ultimaker 3, with a smooth interface to manage the print job with the minimum of fuss. A regular update schedule ensures that innovations and improvements are shared with users on a timely basis..

Best of the best!

..If money is no object, then the Ultimaker 3 is undoubtedly the best 3D printer for your workspace, studio, or office. With a solid design, tidy operation and excellent customer support, it’s practically the Rolls-Royce of 3D printing.”

Apart from Ultimaker 3 that was ranked number 1 for the Best 3D Printers and Reviews in 2017, there is the number 2 ranked, which is Form 2.

“The Formlabs Form 2 is underpinned with stereolithographic (SLA) technology, and is perhaps the very best 3D printer in its category and price bracket. SLA works by curing resin in a tank with a high powered laser that draws each layer, providing solid objects with exceptional levels of detail..

..This premium device is equipped with a peeling mechanism, a heated tank, a touchscreen display, wireless controls, and an automated resin system. It also has some cleverly designed software to make fabricating models as painless as possible, and the customer support is well established..

..Printed objects will require some post-processing, however, and the resin tanks are consumable components that must be replaced regularly.”

On top of that, All 3DP, 3D Printing website has also ranked 18th other 3D printers in its website for the Best 3D Printers and Reviews in 2017 for any future consideration update.

More Detail : https://all3dp.com/1/best-3d-printer-reviews-top-3d-printers-home-3-d-printer-3d/