Keeping the printer clean

For the best print results it is important to keep the Ultimaker 3 clean while using it. Therefore it is advised to not use the Ultimaker 3 in a room where it can easily be covered with dust and to remove small pieces of material that might be in the printer.

Besides this, there are a few parts in the Ultimaker 3 that might require more regular cleaning. Instructions on this are described below.

Cleaning the glass plate

After a lot of printing, there might be too much excess glue stuck to the glass plate. This can cause an uneven print surface and it is therefore recommended to clean the glass plate once in a while. When doing this, always make sure that the Ultimaker 3 is turned off and the build plate has cooled down.

To clean the glass plate, take the following steps:

  1. Move the build plate manually to the bottom of the Ultimaker 3.
  2. Open the build plate clamps at the front side.
  3. Remove the glass plate from the build plate by sliding it to the front and taking it out.
  4. Clean the glass plate with lukewarm water and dry it with a cloth. If necessary, you can also use some soap to clean it.
  5. Place the glass plate back onto the build plate and close the build plate clamps at the front side to secure it.

Caution: Leaving the build plate clamps open may damage your Ultimaker 3 when the build plate is raised.

Cleaning the nozzles

While using the Ultimaker 3 it can happen that the nozzle of a print core gets dirty by material that sticks to the nozzle. Although this will not damage your printer, it is recommended to try keeping the nozzle clean, in order to achieve the best print results.

To remove plastic from the outside of a nozzle, it is advised to take the following steps:

  1. Heat up the nozzle to 150 °C so that the plastic on the outside gets soft. You can do this by navigating to Material/Print core > Print core [x] > Set temperature and using the scroll wheel to change the temperature.
  2. When the nozzle is hot, carefully remove the material with tweezers.

Caution: Do not touch the nozzle and be careful while cleaning it as it will become hot.

Cleaning the feeders and bowden tubes

After many hours of printing, or when material has been ground down, there is a chance that there are small filament particles in the feeders. These can end up in the bowden tubes or print cores, so it is important to clean the feeders. This can be done by blowing the particles out of the feeders or by using a vacuum cleaner.

If the particles are already stuck in the bowden tubes, clean these as well. To do so, the bowden tubes have to be removed from the printer. You can find detailed instructions for cleaning the bowden tubes here.

Inside of the printer

Small pieces of material can gather inside the printer, including the initial extrusions. Remove these from the inside of the printer with a cloth or

 vacuum cleaner.

Caution: Leaving larger objects on the bottom panel can lead to errors, as they prevent the build plate from homing properly.