Control and display

The display at the front side of the Ultimaker 3 shows all the necessary information for setting up and using your Ultimaker 3. You can navigate through menus by rotating and/or pushing the button at the right side of the display.

Rotate to select or control an action; push to confirm an action. When pushing the button you will hear a “beeping” sound to confirm the action. A blinking button means the Ultimaker 3 is waiting for user input.

When turning on your Ultimaker 3 after the first use, you will always see the Ultimaker logo first after which the main menu appears. The main menu offers three options: Print, Material/PrintCore and System.


The Print menu allows you to select a print, when using a USB stick. While printing, the menu also allows you to tune the print and change the settings.


With the Material/PrintCore menu you can change, load and unload materials and print cores. Furthermore, you can move the material and manually set the temperature of each print core.


The System menu offers various options to control the network, build plate, print head and frame light, and to perform maintenance and diagnostics tests. These options in the menu are especially useful when performing maintenance or troubleshooting your printer.