Top 5 : Check out our list of the best sites to download free STL files, 3D printer files, 3D print models, and 3D printing designs in other file formats.

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Below, you’ll find a selection of the best 3D printing websites, model repositories, and marketplaces that offer free 3D printer files to download. Each lets you browse a large selection of 3D printing designs to print at home.

Some of these sites also include storefronts for selling 3D printing designs. So, if you’re a 3D modeler and fancy making some spare cash, these are perfect platforms for showcasing your work.

To rank the 3D model repositories, we use an equation accounting for the total number of 3D printable models on a site. Determined by some sneaky Googly magic plus a little tie-breaker juice from the site’s popularity (as reported on Similarweb’s traffic rank), this ranking should

Site Type Free / Paid 3D Printable Models
Thingiverse Repository Free ★★★★★
Printables Repository Free ★★★★
Cults Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★
MyMiniFactory Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★
Pinshape Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★

3D Printing model sites

These sites are dedicated to providing you with 3D printable files only. They host mostly generic STL files, some also offer OBJ files, or G-code for specific machines.


Download 3D printer files at :

The single biggest content repository for 3D printer models on the internet is Thingiverse. The website has been online since 2008 and has amassed more than 1.5 million free STL files, leaving the competition far behind. It is operated by MakerBot Industries, the creators of the Method and Sketch series of 3D printers.

As a creator, you upload models you want to share with the community for free – there’s no option to monetize your creations.

The site hosts a vast community of dedicated makers offering free STL files to download in varying categories and complexity. Once you are logged in, you can share tagged 3D printer models in a personal collection. Although it’s a go-to source for free 3D printing files, Thingiverse struggled with technical issues and even a major user data breach.


Download 3D printer files at:

Operating out of France, Cults is a strong community and 3D printer file marketplace where makers can share or sell their STL files. The standard of Cults’ 683,000-plus 3D printer models is usually high, with the equally impressive presentation a big draw. According to the company, 284,000 items are free downloads.

Users can follow their favorite designers or get instant updates when a new creation is posted. Cults also offer curated collections based on popular big-name brands (for example, IKEA hacks, toys, video games, pegboards, or bike accessories). A neat touch: the website supports English, French, Spanish, and German languages. Please beware that the site heavily relies on animated gifs, so loading times can sometimes be quite slow.


Download 3D printer files at :

With its iconic Prusa i3 design, Prusa Research defined a new standard for FDM 3D printers. Covering all bases, the company also offers its own open-source software – PrusaSlicer, its own filament – Prusament, plus a free and well-sorted file repository (formerly known as

This newcomer to the repository scene was launched in 2019 and is growing rapidly in size while still maintaining a high-quality standard. Its free models, of which there are now more than 246,000, can be downloaded as STL files. They are usable on all FDM machines. Some models provide pre-sliced G-code for Prusa machines.


Download 3D printer files at :

MyMiniFactory is a community space and repository for some 151,000 3D printer files, with a strong emphasis on gaming, role-playing, and geek culture. It has close ties with iMakr, an online store that sells 3D printers and accessories.

The site, established in 2013, offers free and paid 3D printer files made by professional designers, with a guarantee that they’ve been quality tested. They also provide challenges to 3D designers regularly and host an extensive collection of free STL files with a cultural heritage theme called “Scan the World.”

Since 2018, creators can promote their work and earn revenue from their talents in MyMiniFactory’s premium store. The newest addition is “Tribes,” a Patreon-style subscription service where creators give their supporters access to exclusive content via a tier-based model.


Download 3D printer files at :

Pinshape, bought by 3D printer manufacturer Formlabs in 2016, describes itself as a 3D marketplace “connecting makers and designers.” You can find plenty of free STL files to download in the more than 32,400 designs, but it also functions as a platform to buy and sell premium 3D printer models.

This is an interesting place if you’re looking for free STL files for toys and games, miniatures, jewelry and fashion, home appliances, gadgets, people and creatures, and art.