Kideville Curriculum Kit

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Kideville is a sustainable city design project, where much like in a game, each student is assigned a creative mission that takes them through a full design and project management process. The teacher curates this journey, which includes research, ideation, sketching, technical drawing, CAD modeling, 3D printing and presenting, keeping a balance of individual project development and group teamwork. The process constantly switches between digital and analogue tasks, allowing students to convert ideas from their minds into digital designs and then physical models.

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What’s in the kit?

The starter kit for 12 students includes a Kideville ocean board (70x50cm), teacher’s handbook, 14 x lesson plans for a term-long project, 20 x instructional videos, digital pack with 3D CAD files and 12 x student packs (12 x portfolios, 12 x brief cards, 36 x island tiles, 12 x houses).

Starter kits are available in various sizes (12, 18, 24, 30, 36 students) and expansion packs (3 students) can be purchased separately.


“Lots of secondary schools have machines (but have limited ideas of how to use it with younger students)… so a Kideville pack is perfect for these”
Dave White, Head of DT.

“Taking in consideration that students have no background about 3d printing or 3d design, Kideville was a great product that introduces them to the fundamentals of 3d design and the engineering design process. Students should work collaboratively to accomplish the project but at the same time each has their own role to achieve within the project”
Samia Mohamed, Teacher