Course Figurine Modeling

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Videos Online Tutorial (English Language)
3+ hours, 19 lessons, create 3D models for 3D printing of figurines for tabletop or hobby games.


3D printing has opened up the gaming and miniatures world to far more people than ever before. This class gives you a practical workflow to go from a model that you find online or make yourself (people, monsters, armor, etc.) to a 3D model that can be printed using your own printer, or at any popular online 3D printing service.

The software explained in this class is a (short) section on Autodesk Fusion 360, and the balance of the class on Autodesk Meshmixer. Both applications are free to download and use, and are incredibly powerful.
You don’t need any prior experience with 3D modeling or 3D design to take this course, and even if you know Meshmixer already this class goes into some great ways to use Meshmixer’s tools to make the design process easy and fun.

Class Curriculum
Intro to Modeling Your Own Figurines (for Gaming or just Showing Online)
Preview Introduction (2:01)
Software and Setting Up Your Models
Start Figurine Base Sizes and Modeling them in Fusion 360 (6:43)
Start Meshmixer Download and User Interface Orientation (9:15)
Start CAD Models are Great, but not (Initially) Quite Right for Meshmixer (4:29)
Start Allow Other People to do the Starting Work For You…Finding Models Online (3:53)
Preparing Your Model for Posing
Start Evaluating Downloaded Models for Common Errors (and How to Fix Them!) (13:44)
Start Slicing Your Model and Managing Objects (11:44)
Start Moving Your Objects Around and Setting Pivots (6:41)
Creating Your New Figurine!
Start Assembling the Pieces Of Your Model and Joining Them Together (10:21)
Start Use Soft Transform and Warp to Change Your Model (7:44)
Start Creating Reusable Parts to “Meshmix” (8:25)
Start Accessorize Your Model! (Using Connection Points) (7:09)
Preview Using Primitives as Cutting Tools (4:26)
Start Fix Everything at Once with the “Make Solid” Tool (9:59)
Start Patterning Your Model Awesomely with Stencils (6:55)
Start Create Custom Armor/Anything Using Selections (10:12)
Start Crash Course on Sculpting (8:11)
Onwards and Upwards
Start 3D Printing Checks for Your New Figurine (8:43)
Start Conclusion (0:53)