Material Compatibility for Ultimaker 3d Printer


On this page, you’ll find compatibility information for all of Ultimaker materials. This includes compatibility per 3D printer and possible dual-extrusion combinations for the Ultimaker 3.


A few of Ultimaker’s printing materials are not fully compatible with every 3D printer. In this overview, you’ll be able to see which Ultimaker materials are officially supported, experimental, or not recommended per 3D printer. Please keep in mind that this is applicable for single-extrusion prints only.


(1) These combinations are only officially supported for the 0.40 mm print cores.

(2) These combinations only work experimentally when the heated bed upgrade is installed.

It’s important to note that although Ultimaker 3D printers have an open filament system (meaning 3rd party materials can be used), we do not officially support their usage. Our supported materials have been thoroughly tested, and have their own Cura material profiles, which has been specifically developed for use on 3D printers, guaranteeing the best print results possible.


The table below shows all possible dual-extrusion material combinations.

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