Introducing H13 Tool Steel for Metal X


What is H13 Tool Steel?

H13 is a hot-work tool steel, meaning it holds its strength and hardness up to a higher working temperature than most tool steels. We are launching H13 Tool Steel to give people the ability to print high-strength, high-temperature parts. Our data sheet gives a more in-depth look at the mechanical properties, composition, and tensile strength.


3D printed H13 Tool Steel is abrasion-resistant at both low and high temperatures. This makes it a great material for parts such as injection molds and extrusion dies. It’s a great choice for much more, such as metal forming tools, dies, and punches for coining and forming operations, or for any application where you require high temperature resistance or a hard wear surface.

H13 is heat treatable up to about 50 HRC. While it’s not the hardest tool steel available, it can resist heat checking and thermal fatigue. It’s often used in cases where hot plastic or metal is being molded and the mold needs to keep its shape while remaining liquid-resistant.

What is H13 Tool Steel Good for?

• Lower effort process to get high wear resistance or abrasion resistance inserts or parts
• Parts which demonstrate good high strength at elevated temperatures and/or see repeated temperature cycling
• Advanced injection molds with conformal cooling channels for
faster cycle time.

When is H13 available?

Taking orders now: Deliveries are expected to start no later than March 17. Please put H13 on a
separate purchase order if ordering other Markforged printers and materials.

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