Introducing Cura Connect from Ultimaker



Cura Connect is Ultimaker’s latest innovation. It enables you to control, monitor, and configure a group of Ultimaker 3 printers from a single interface, providing an efficient production solution for your office, studio, or work floor.


Spread the workload. Print jobs are shared between a group of printers for efficient, continuous production. If one printer requires your attention, other scheduled jobs are unaffected.

Flexible queuing. When a job is complete, you only need to remove the finished object, confirm removal on the printer, and the next item will print automatically.

Schedule and monitor print jobs with ease. All grouped printers are managed using a single interface. Assign jobs, monitor progress, and schedule maintenance tasks for multiple printers.

Prioritize jobs as needed. Move your print job up in the queue without having to change materials, print cores, or other important considerations.

Prepare for the settings you need. No need to prepare models for a particular printer – Cura Connect will allocate jobs to a printer with matching print cores, materials, colors, build volume and other factors – and if it can’t find a matching printer, it will prompt you to set one up.


Scale up your operations. Group multiple printers into a single production workflow, or create several groups for different teams or tasks. If you want to expand your operations later, it is effortless to add extra printers to a group.

Intelligent notifications. Browser notifications will update you about a job’s status. Printer frame lights notify you when and where a printer needs attention.

Ready for the future. Thanks to the embedded system and Wi-Fi connectivity of the Ultimaker 3, new software updates will continuously enhance the features and functionality of the printer to give the most accessible 3D printing experience available.

No server, no extra software, no complicated setup. Powered by your Ultimaker 3, Cura Connect runs in your web browser. As long as the printer firmware is up to date, it’s ready to go.

Discover Cura Connect. If you already own an Ultimaker 3, Cura Connect is ready for you. Take advantage of continuous production using a single machine, or group extra Ultimaker 3 printers together for a complete 3D printing production solution.