How Can 3D Printer Strengthen a Business?


3D Printers, the Machine of the future

In the past, CNC machines were the king of all industries, but now 3D printers have features that CNC machines can’t compete with.

What is 3D printing?

For anyone who is looking for new manufacturing solutions that will reduce the cost of both money and time for the business, 3D printers are increasingly becoming the top choice around the world. Thanks to additive manufacturing with a wide variety of technology to choose from and meet every need.

What advantages does a 3D printer have in the business world? Let’s see!

1. PROTOTYPE: Prototyping with low cost.

It is normal for you to want to get new products to market as quickly as possible, but speeding up can lead to errors and mismatches of your customers.

The 3D printer allows you to try out a wide variety of sample models. You can start checking the pattern and size right in the software. It reduces the product development period and cost a lot.

2. SPARE PARTS: Manufacture of tools, parts and spare parts for own use.

Accessories are essential in the 3D printing industry, allowing you to print required parts, grips, small parts, or any shape joints that you need in a short time and save time. In the process of assembling, installing, and working with more machines

3. SELF-PRODUCED: No need to hire the third-party.

When you need a small number of parts or a unique part, you can produce it yourself right away, thus eliminating the time spent looking for an outside company, reducing both cost and time. Also, you don’t have to worry about confidentiality leaks, as you can use the design and manufacture by internal personnel, and the printer software has a security system for users.

4. SAVE SPACE: Reduce the use of raw material warehouse and reduce waste

One of the problems with using other types of production equipment is that we need room to store materials such as wood, plastics, steel, etc. that fit the size for the workpiece. Also, there is a waste of material from the CNC, but the 3D printer has a certain material size, easy to store, compact, does not take up space and there is no need to hire additional workers. Small parts are used in small quantities, and when producing larger pieces, more traditional materials can be used.

Besides, we can also recycle materials and use them to 3D print them to create new pieces or equipment.

5. INDEPENDENT DESIGN: Reduce production restrictions.

Traditional manufacturing often has limitations in the manufacture of components with complex structures. It is not possible to create parts or molds with cavities, voids, or special effects, but 3D printers can do this because of Additive Manufacturing technology. There are a wide variety of applications suitable for all applications such as automotive, medical, aerospace, etc.

6. CUSTOMIZED: Allow customers to design by themselves.

The advantage when you use 3D printing is that you can let your customers choose, design, and customize the model right on the 3D file. It can also be produced as a unique product for each customer, not only adding value to the product. It is also considered another channel for other forms of business development.

If you are interested or want to know whether your business can use a 3D printer to help work, please contact us for a consultation. We have guaranteed products from many countries, many models, many prices for you to choose from. They range from tens of thousands to millions with the services of experienced engineers who are ready to give advice and advice on ways to help grow your business.

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