Form 2

Start printing sooner by knowing what to expect with the printer’s delivery. Each shipment includes 3 or more boxes, depending on the additional items ordered. Here’s what to expect:


The standard Form 2 bundle ships with 3 boxes: Resin Cartridge, Printer, and Finish Kit. The resin tank and build platform boxes ship inside the Form 2 packaging. Additional accessory purchases ship separately.

From left, the 3 standard shipment boxes: Resin Cartridge, Printer, and Finish Kit

Packaged shipments have the following dimensions and weights:

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Note: Depending on the shipping terroritory, power and USB cables may be included inside the Finish Kit box or in the large, external carton containing all items.


1. Choose a stable, level workspace for your Form 2. Reserve the following minimum dimensions for the most convenient access: 14 in (36 cm) width, 17 in (43 cm) depth, 30 in (76 cm) height.
2. Download and install PreForm Software.
3. Purchase additional supplies:
– Paper Towels
– Isopropyl Alcohol (90% or higher)


Save the Form 2’s printer packaging for transporting your printer. Original packaging is required for warranty service.

1. Remove the top foam packaging insert.

2. Use the provided handles to lift your printer from the box.

3. Remove the printer from the carrier tray and set in workspace.WARNING:
Remove all packaging material before connecting power. Lift the cover to remove the protective shipping material from the resin tank carrier.

4. Plug the included power cable into your printer and connect to a power outlet.

Proceed to set up the Finish Kit and connect to your Form 2.