Announcement! Formlabs Resin Transitions


Formlabs is updating SKUs for a handful of our resins in Q3/Q4. All of the resin formulations are the same–the only change is the supplier for one component. Customers may continue to use the same resin tank and will be able to mix the older version of the resin with the newer version of the resin. In PreForm, you can select the most current version to use the latest and greatest print settings for each.

Estimated changeover dates as of 9/22/2017:

As of Sept 21 Clear Grey White Dental Model Tough Durable Black
Estimated changeover date – NA Sep 25 Oct 23 Oct 2 Oct 23 Oct 23 Nov 13 Oct 30
Estimated changeover date – ROW Oct 8 Nov 13 Nov 6 Dec 4 Dec 18 Dec 18 Nov 13

Here’s what your customers need to know to use the new resin formulations:

  • Update PreForm and select new formulation print settings: Be sure you’ve downloaded the latest PreForm release with new print settings. Be sure to select the new formulation before setting up your model. Note: if you have a saved model previously printed in an earlier formulation, you will need to regenerate supports with the new formulation selected.
  • Use the same resin tank and ignore the warning: You can continue using the same resin tank from the previous formulation and mix the new formulation. However, a warning will appear on the printer’s touchscreen. Simply select “Ignore” and continue to use the tank.