8 Websites to Download 3D Files for Free!

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Free stuff! Worried about what can be used if buying a 3D printer? Today, Septillion will introduce a list of 8 websites that give out free 3D downloads for novice typists to search files, find ideas, and create their own. What kind of model do you want, what website will you have, let’s see!


Number of models: 2,000,000 files

Search Engine | Free & Paid

Websites that collect 3D files from various websites allow us to search easily, some files are free, some are paid. Which inside the web will be clearly specified, but most of them are free files for us to load 3D files to use.


Number of models: 1,498,000 files

Search Engine | Free & Paid

This site has quite a lot of replica models. Whether people, animals, or buildings, it is also a web giving away 3D files gathered from other sites. There are both free and paid, which we have to look good before going to load.


Number of models: 1,068,080 files

Repository | Free

Considered to be the most popular 3D file hosting website All files on this website are free to download and we can create various model files and share them with others. It is considered a file distribution site for those who are new to using 3D printers.


Model number: 100,000 files

Search Engine | Free & Paid

It is another website for searching for 3D files. The website that has both free and paid files. The advantage of this site is that it is classified, easy to find, and has a huge variety of models to choose from, from violins, wheel arches, bicycles to high heels and fancy masks.


Model number: 45,000 files

Repository | Free

Another website for hosting 3D files, there are quite a lot of categories. You can download 3D files for free, but there is also a “Support Me” system that allow user to pay for the creator of the file. If you like any model and want to encourage him to create more files, you can pay for it.


Model number: 30,000 files

Marketplace | Free & Paid

This is a website where you can sell 3D files, there are many free models available, but some of them are paid. It’s like a 3D file exchange. You can also search for files from your favourite designers.


Model number: 28,000 files

Marketplace | Free & Paid

Another 3D file trading site, the web format is quite popular for beginner file traders. Files can be uploaded for distribution or trading, and there is always an updated page on Facebook. For anyone interested in trying to sell 3D files, you can apply for this website.


Model number: 14,000 files

Repository | Free

Another 3D archive might not be as popular as other websites, but it has some pretty interesting models. There is also a system to exchange with other users. Most importantly, every file on this website is free to download.

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