Beginner Guide Part 3: Assembled 3D Printers VS. DIY 3D Printers

Beginner Guide Part 3 Assembled 3D Printers VS. DIY 3D Printers

Comparison Between Assembled 3D Printers And DIY 3D Printers

We get a lot of questions from people who are looking to buy a new 3D printer. However, they are not sure where to begin with. Too many choices in the 3D printer segment exhaust us. However, if we look at the broader picture and focus on the fundamentals, there are 2 major choices the one needs to make while buying a 3D printer. We would focus on these Choices based on the needs and specialization of individuals. These choices are – whether to buy an Assembled 3D printer or DIY printers. We would ponder over this question and try to find answers based on the different things that one needs to evaluate before making the right choice.

Below is the table showing the differences between as assembled 3D printers and DIY 3D printers.



Assembled 3D Printers

DIY 3D Printers

Less Price






Less Time-Consuming




User Interface






Skills Needed


Spare Parts Availability


In conclusion, DIY 3D printers are for skilled and expert users who very familiar with using of 3D printers. Those users also need the 3D printers repairing and maintenance skills.

On the other hand, assembled 3D printers don’t require many skills. This type of printers are for beginners to experts who want the accuracy of the output with the timeliness.  

If you evaluate the 3D printers available in the market based on the points we discussed above, your decision making will becomes lot easier.