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Ultimaker On-Demand Webinar

Ultimaker Podcase

  • Episode 1: The 3 stages of adopting additive, with Matthew Forrester, L’Oréal
    • In the first episode of Talking Additive, Ultimaker visit L’Oréal headquarters in Clichy, France to sit down with Matthew Forrester, the company’s Additive Manufacturing Technical Manager. He shares insights on the three stages of adopting additive manufacturing: prototyping, plants, and production.
  • Episode 2: Application-driven materials, with Danielle Glasbergen-Benning, DSM
    • Danielle Glasbergen-Benning is an Application Development Specialist for DSM Additive Manufacturing. Danielle explains the process of translating application needs into material solutions, with insight into recent cutting-edge projects made possible by their portfolio of materials, which are available for open platform professional 3D printers.
  • Episode 3: The future of manufacturing
    • Ultimaker’s team shares insight into the evolving role of FFF 3D printing, both in manufacturing and design.Our guests from Ultimaker include:
      Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President of Product Management,
      Merijn Neeleman, Portfolio Development Manager,
      Rohit Jhamb, Director of Global Research and Analytics.In this interview, they discuss the role of additive in LEAN manufacturing, digital distributed manufacturing, the future of the supply chain, and how production processes evolve when companies adopt 3D printing in their product development and fulfilment pipelines.
  • Episode 4: Roadmaps for 3D printing in education
    • In this episode, Ultimaker speaks with educators about how adopting additive manufacturing has changed the ways we learn, overcome challenges, and innovate within education.Guest speakers:
      Tim Pula from Spark!Lab at the Smithsonian,
      Melodie Yashar from SEAarch+,
      Glenn Walters from UNC Chapel Hill